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Female Testosterone Imbalance

Posted By on Apr 17, 2014

There are cases when it is inevitable for a person not to experience hyper or hypo conditions when it comes to health. However, prolonged cases of hyper conditions or hypo conditions may not be healthy anymore and may lead to something serious. Just like any other hormones and conditions, women are also prone or vulnerable to female testosterone imbalance. This is not something to be alarmed about especially if you are undergoing the menopausal phase in life.

During a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle, it is possible to experience female testosterone imbalance. However, prolonged state of testosterone imbalance might indicate something hence right education of this condition is useful and a good way to prevent worsening condition.

Testosterone Production

Female testosterone has significant impact in almost all aspects of every female’s life. It contributes in various effects and physical changes in the body such as the enlargement of clitoris, growth of pubic hair and increase in size of microscopic glands in the skin. It is also involved in behavioural aspect which includes emotional, psychological and sexual areas such as frequency of libido production or sex drive among females. It is important that baseline level of testosterone in every female should be met to ensure best increase in level of sexual desire. In this regard, it is best to overcome female testosterone imbalance to smoothly achieve the fullest result of having good testosterone equilibrium.

Female testosterone belongs to the androgen group. It is produced in female sex organ called the ovaries. It compliments with other female sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone to support and balance most of the reproductive activities. Female testosterone has also a vital role in influencing the mind to trigger a healthy sexual urges.

Testosterone level varies in every female regardless of age, time of the day, physical condition and even sexual idea which also has significant role in the intensity of testosterone secretion. Testosterone measurement in women is also affected before and after sexual intercourse that’s why it is essential for every woman to have a detailed background about the right level of this sex hormone to avoid female testosterone imbalance.

Effects of Female Testosterone Imbalance

There are noticeable effects that can be observed if there’s an occurrence of a female testosterone imbalance. Some of it are very obvious and can greatly influence the total behaviour of a woman while some may not be directly seen but has also high impact in every woman. Here are some of the effects you need to take note if a woman is suffering from female testosterone imbalance:

1. Hair growth ‘ Testosterone is a dominant male sex hormone but it also has a definite influence among females. Too much or less of this testosterone level in females greatly affects a woman’s body like abnormal growth of hair in different parts of the body specifically the chest and chin. Rapid increase in secretion of testosterone also has unusual effect in speedy growth of the hair and sometimes the opposite which is the occurrence of noticeable hair loss.

2. Oily skin- Since female testosterone also triggers the increase of sebaceous gland which primarily secretes oil in the skin; the intensity of testosterone level can determine some skin conditions like too much oil production that may damage the skin resulting to acne and other skin diseases. Over production of serum testosterone affects the sebum and as a result it makes the pores of the skin clogged and later on develops an acne condition.

3. Increase in weight- Sudden increase in level of testosterone hormone also results in abrupt weight gain due to excessive storage of fat in the body and eventually results to obesity. The lesser your testosterone hormone production is, the lesser your chance to develop lean muscles.

4. Irregular menstrual cycle ‘ Since female testosterone is an essential sex hormone, abnormality in the production of this hormone also manifests non uniform periodic loss of blood. Always remember that if there’s irregularity, then there must be something wrong with your hormonal balance.

5. Aggression- Since testosterone belongs to androgen family it can strongly support steroidal behaviour among females which can lead to uncontrollable or too much aggression which is mostly expressed verbally. However, too much aggression may lead to forceful attack and physical violence with the aid of other objects to harm others. In some cases, testosterone aggression is hard to control.

Food That Helps Avoid Female Testosterone Imbalance

Aside from testosterone replacement therapy, there are natural means to enhance and avoid female testosterone imbalance. Women may consider eating foods that are capable of enhancing the body’s function of producing testosterone. Some who doesn’t have the needed budget to purchase pills and creams, testosterone injections and patches will resort to helpful foods that can possibly boost testosterone hormone. Here are some ideas you might want to try in case you suspect decrease in your testosterone hormone.

* Potassium rich food.
* Foods that is high in calcium.
* Fruits and vegetables.
* Rich in omega 3 and omega 9.
* Water rich food like citrus.

Maintain Balance in Life

It is a must to maintain a sense of balance in life, whether it is in school, at home, at work, or even when it comes to your health, a good balance is highly needed. Inability to balance any aspect in your life may possibly result to health issues. Sometimes you may think that a simple stress is fine but later you will realize it can do a lot of damage to yourself. Stress can even cause hormonal changes if neglected.

As you can see, female testosterone imbalance must be avoided and now that you know some causes of this imbalance and how to prevent it, make sure to apply all your learned knowledge in real life. Never ignore any minor negative health conditions for it is where serious problem starts. So be vigilant, know when the right time to seek medical attention is and when to consult your doctor. Ignoring what you’re feeling inside is not good for the health, it may even make your condition worst than ever.

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