Big Boob Creams: Do They Really Do the Trick? 


Big Boob Creams: Do They Really Do the Trick? 
Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry – what do these women have in common? Aside from their beautiful faces and successful careers in Hollywood, these gorgeous ladies have the biggest, most natural boobs in Tinseltown. Blame it on how media portrays women with bigger breasts, but in recent years, breast augmentation is the top cosmetic surgical procedure for women, with 286,000 procedures performed.

There is an easier way to make your breasts bigger with minimal side effects: boob cream. Here is everything you need to know about using a breast cream and whether or not it is worth it.

1. Get to Know Boob Creams a Little Bit Better

You know that there are many ways to increase breast size. You can always opt for breast massage, take breast enlargement pills, eat healthy foods, and even adding bust-enhancing exercises. If you want faster results, you can always say hello to breast implants, although you have to prepare for the possible side effects.

Luckily, you have another option: boob cream.

creamBreast enhancement cream is a type of enlargement product that contains natural ingredients to stimulate your breasts and facilitate breast growth. All you have to do is to apply the cream directly on your breasts area. This will be absorbed into the bloodstream and your breast tissues, thereby helping in making your breasts bigger.

Apparently, the success of breast cream depends on what’s in it. Read the next section to find out the must-have ingredients in big boobs creams.

2. Breast Cream Ingredients: Every Boobie Cream’s Wingmen

There are various factors that will define the effectiveness of a particular breast enhancement product. Brand name and manufacturer will always play a crucial role while customer reviews and recommendations from friends could affect your choice.

Nonetheless, there is one important factor you always have to pay attention to: ingredients.

Breast enhancement creams contain ingredients that are proven to help increase your breast size. Most of these plants and herbs have estrogen-like effects, which boosts your cup size.

What are these ingredients? Make sure your chosen breast cream has the following:

  • Fenugreek
  • Saw palmetto
  • Fennel seedsDandelion root
  • Dong quai root
  • Damiana leaf
  • Blessed thistle
  • Fennel seeds

These ingredients have the reputation of helping increase your breast size; hence making it a favorite in many, if not in all of the top breast enhancement creams.

3. How to Use Breast Enhancing Creams – and Make the Most Out of Them

Here is the challenge: how to make breast enhancement creams work for you. Aside from the ingredients, how you use breast creams could also help a lot in dictating the success of this product.

Don’t worry.

The procedure is not complicated. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to use this product on your breasts:

  • Apply a liberal amount of breast cream on the area. Make sure that the entire breasts area is covered with cream.
  • Starting at the nipple area, gently massage your breasts in circular and outward motion.
  • Let the cream stay on your skin for a few minutes to allow your breasts to absorb its breast-enhancing properties.

Consistency is key to make the most out of the breast cream. This is why it is important to do this regularly if you want to enjoy its many benefits.

4. Good Reasons Why You Should Use Breast Enhancement Creams

surgeryIf you want an instant cup C, breast augmentation surgery could do the trick. Unfortunately, there are higher risks involved when you go under the knife. This is why boob creams were invented and made available at your easy disposal.

You should try using breast enlargement creams, because they are:


  • Made of natural ingredients such as herbs and plants that are known to increase breast size.
  • Generally safer and more effective than other enlargement techniques.
  • An affordable way to increase your breast size.
  • Easy to use and apply on your skin.
  • Safe and come with few, if not any, side effects.
  • Easily absorbed by your skin to stimulate breast growth.
  • Are a good addition to other breast enhancement products and techniques.

Aren’t these reasons enough for you to try breasts creams? If you are still wondering whether or not to give them a try, read on.

5. The Not-So-Good Side of Using a Boob Cream

Here’s the catch: despite its good intentions, there is a possibility that breast enhancement cream could provide not-so-good results. In fact, for some people, certain side effects can be inevitable. This is why a skin patch test could help. Apply a dime-sized amount to the inside of your arm and wait 24 hours to see if you get a reaction. If you don’t, it is safe to try the cream.

You might experience common side effects like redness, irritation, stinging and a burning sensation when using breast enhancement creams. This could fade after constant use, but make sure to pay attention to how your skin will react. In case the redness or burning sensation doesn’t go away, move on to the next product.

talk to your doctorAnother risk is that there is a possibility that a particular boob cream will not work well with you. As a result, you may tend to hop from one product to another until you find a product that works well for you. To be safe, talk to your doctor about the best kind of cream for you, particularly if you already have skin allergies, a skin condition like eczema or sensitive skin.

Aside from this, constant and consistent use is required to make sure that a particular breast cream will deliver results. Don’t expect results after two to three applications. Give it some time to work and you will find the product that will deliver results in no time.

6. Go DIY: How to Make Your Own Breast Enhancing Cream

The side effects of using a boob cream could make you want to hit the brakes and think about going natural.

You’re in the right place. You can make your own breast enhancement cream with the following ingredients:

  • Fresh breast-enhancing herbs such as blessed thistle, fenugreek, saw palmetto, and fennel seeds
  • Blender or food processor
  • Canning jar
  • Vodka
  • Amber dropper bottles

Here’s how to make your own breast enhancing cream at home:

  • herbsPlace your preferred breast-enhancing herbs in the blender or food processor.
  • Once chopped, placed the herbs in a canning jar.
  • Pour vodka over the herbs. Make sure that the entire herbs plus three inches more above must be covered by vodka.
  • Store the mixture in a dark and dry place for one month.
  • Shake the jar every three days.
  • After a month, strain the herbs then pour the liquid into the amber bottles.
  • Mix a drop of this mixture with your favorite lotion then massage it gently in your breast area.

Here comes the best part: this mixture can last for years, thereby helping you save more. Here is another catch: breast enhancement creams cannot work alone. In fact, it will need some help from other breast-enhancing techniques to make the product work to your advantage.

Keep reading to learn about the different techniques to make boob cream work.

7. Breast Enhancement Massage: An Important Tool in Making Breast Creams Work

You might think that applying breast creams are as simple as putting a liberal amount and massaging the area. It turns out that there is a technique to stimulate breast growth and help you make the most out of boob creams.

Therefore, it is important that you learn how to do breast massage.

Your breasts are made up of fatty tissues and adipose fats, which can be responsive when stimulated properly. Through proper breast massage, you are able to support both breast tissues and lymph circulation to firm and shape your twin mountains.

Here’s how to do the proper breast massage:

  • massaging the breast areaApply your preferred breast cream on the area.
  • Use firm pressure with your palms and start massaging the breast area. Start on your nipples then slowly move outward in circular motion. Make sure to follow the contour of your breasts. Do this 20 times.
  • In alternating hand movements, sweep your underarms area up then inward towards the front. Do this 20 times.
  • Lift both of your breasts upward, cupping them on each hand. Keep your grip firm as you lift your breasts in alternating motion. Do this 20 times as well.

When you combine breast cream and massage regularly, you are surely on your way towards bigger breasts. Breast enhancement massage is just one technique to boost the effects of breast creams. Keep reading to find out what else you can do to make the cream work for you.

8. Understanding the Boob Cream and Breast Exercise Connection

Exercising helps you lose weight and keep you lean and toned. At the same time, it encourages proper blood circulation and gives your overall health a boost. Did you know that exercising your breasts is one of the most effective ways to make enhancement creams work better?

It turns out that breast enhancement exercises target your pectoral muscles and fat tissues to make your breasts firm, perky, and toned. Some of these exercises include:

  • Push UpsPush Ups – This is the most effective way to build your pectoral muscles and eventually make your breasts firm. To do this, place your palms on the floor while your arms and feet are shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself by bending your elbows then push yourself back up. Do this eight to 12 times for one set.
  • Elevated Push Up – This is the more challenging version of pushups. Simply elevate your legs using a giant ball or placing your legs on the edge of the sofa. Bend your elbows as you lower yourself towards the floor. Then, slowly push yourself back up to your original position until your arms are straight.
  • Dumbbell Fly – If you want to build your chest muscles to make your breasts firmer, then this workout is recommended. Stand straight with your feet apart as you hold a dumbbell on each hand. Stretch your arms until they are parallel on the floor then slowly lift the dumbbells over you. One set must have eight to 12 reps.
  • Chest Dips – This workout focuses on your triceps and chest muscles. To do this exercise, sit on a chair or edge of the bed and plant your hands firmly on it. Bend your elbows as you slowly lower your way towards the floor. Push yourself back up and return to your sitting position.

Make sure you will incorporate these routines and you will find yourself getting firmer boobs in no time.

9. Add Some Enhancing Pills Together with Your Breast Cream

enhancement pillsIf you notice, most breast enhancing creams comes with enhancement pills. Take the case of Total Curve. Total Curve comes with breast enhancing cream with Volufiline, an ingredient that is clinically proven to increase your breast size by up to 8.4 percent in less than two months. While the Lifting and Firming Gel can work well on its own, Total Curve also has enhancement pills to back it up.

What is the reason behind this partnership?

Enhancement creams are absorbed directly by your skin to stimulate the growth of breast tissues. Apparently, you need something that could work from the inside. This is where breast enhancement pills come in. Pills are loaded with natural ingredients that stimulate not just your breast tissues but also the hormones responsible for breast growth.

This is the reason why breast enhancement creams and pills always go together as a tag team. They harmonize each other and at the same time, provide double-acting effects to help increase your breast size.

10. Other Techniques that Could Help Boost Your Cup Size

Breast massage, bust-enhancing exercising, and enlargement pills could work hand in hand with boob cream and increase your cup size. Aside from these techniques, there are few more techniques you can do to maximize breast creams.

These are:

  • bra that fitsWear a bra that fits you perfectly.
  • Consider wearing pushup or padded bra to make your breasts look bigger. Victoria Secret’s Miraculous Bra is another option.
  • Eat healthy and add more estrogen-rich foods in your diet. This includes dairy products, kidney beans, fruits, vegetables, and chickpeas.
  • Add phytoestrogen-rich foods like green tea, winter squash, red wine, and flaxseed.
  • Mind your posture.
  • Always wear clothes that emphasize your breasts.
  • Try breast contouring, a cosmetic solution to bigger breasts.

Are these techniques enough to make you say hello to bigger breasts? Apparently, this is just the beginning of your journey. Read the succeeding sections to find out how you can seal the deal in the world of breast enhancement.

11. Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo: Choosing a Product That’s Good for You

At this point, you already know what breast enhancing creams are, what it can do for you, how to use it to your advantage, and the many techniques you can combine it with to make the cream more effective.

Here’s the next question: What is the best technique for breast enhancement?

breast creamThe truth is it depends on you. There is no exact formula that guarantees success in the world of breast enhancement. The effectiveness of the techniques you learned, coupled with the use of breast cream, will depend on how your body will react to them.
Where should you start? Choose the right breast enhancement cream with the help of some tips, which you will learn more about below. Once you found the best breast cream, choose a breast enhancement technique you are comfortable of doing and willing to stick with for the next 60 days. If you didn’t see any improvement after two months, move on to the next product until you find the product that will work for you.

Be patient. There is no such thing as overnight results.

12. Tips on How to Choose the Best Boob Cream for You

There are tons of breast enhancing creams available in the market, all promising the same thing: to make you breasts bigger and perkier. The challenge now is choosing the best breast enhancement product that will work for you.

Trial and error are normal, but make sure you follow these tips to minimize your choices – and save yourself extra cash:

  • Make it a habit to read the label. The label will tell you the brand name, manufacturer, and more importantly, the ingredients used in the product.
  • A money back guarantee is a must. This gives you assurance that the manufacturer is confident with their brand and willing to stand by it, which is often a good sign.
  • read customer reviewsTake time to read customer reviews before buying anything. Customer reviews are real-life experiences from customers, thereby giving you an idea on how a particular product works.
  • Always check the price. The most expensive product is not always the best one in the market.
  • Consider recommendations. Ask family and friends who use breast enhancing creams.

These tips do not guarantee success, but it will help you minimize the risk of buying the wrong product.

13. The Million Dollar Question in the World of Breast Enhancement

Here is the biggest question when it comes to using breast creams: Do they really work?

The truth is, it depends. There are breast enhancement creams that could live up to their promise and increase your cup size, while there are many products in the market that will not do any good on your skin. Nevertheless, it is important to be patient and give each product some time to work before you move on and try something else.

The key here is to pay attention and choose the right breast enhancement product for you. It is a trial and error, but once you found the right one, make sure to stick to it, which leads you to the most important tips you should remember when using boob creams.

14. Consistency: The Key to Success When It Comes to Breast Enhancement

All of the tips and techniques you learned about breast cream will give you favorable results. Apparently, they won’t work if not for this most important attribute: consistency.

your breastsIt turns out that the effects of breast creams or any other breast enhancement products won’t show in a matter of days. In fact, you will need a minimum of six weeks to two months before you can see favorable results. This is enough time to give your chosen product ample time to make its magic work on your breasts.

With consistency, you will be able fast track your results and see an improvement in your breasts in no time. If you do this once a week or every other day, then don’t expect to see exceptional results.

This will lead you to another important tip to remember.

15. Keep Your Expectations Realistic When Using a Boob Cream

Now that you’re at it, here is another tip you should remember: be realistic with your expectations. Breast creams cannot magically turn your breasts like Katy Perry, although it could help you gain a few centimeters in size. They may also add fullness.

Breast creams plus your chosen breast enhancement technique could make you grow a few centimeters. Apparently, you can’t change your cup A size to a C with these tools. The results do not show overnight, but these tools will need some time. If you want instant and bigger results, then breast augmentation surgery is the best way to go.

With the risks and side effects associated with breast implants, you might want to stick first with boob cream.  It is safer, gentle on your skin, and minimizes your risk of experiencing unwanted side effects. Then, you can worry about achieving bigger breasts later when you finally made up your mind.

What are you waiting for? Get your boob cream now with the help of buying tips you learned above, choose an enhancement technique that you are comfortable with, and stick to it.


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