24 Hot Tips on How to Be Sexually Attractive – He Will Fall in Love


Most people are not happy with the way they look. They want that “zero figure” so they are trying hard to lose some extra pounds, or perhaps they just want to get that nose or those lips fixed. If you are like most young women, you are probably doing your best to make people notice you or regard you as the “sexiest” woman on the planet, or at least somewhere close to Kim Kardashian may be.

You will be glad to know you have landed in the right place. In this article, you will learn how to be sexually attractive. The tips mentioned are easy to follow, and you will be amazed about the fact you didn’t think of them earlier.

You will also learn about a product you can use to be sexually appealing. Now, you can be assured of being so attractive, that maybe your dream boy will be all ready to drool over you. Here’s 24 hot tips on how to be sexually attractive that are quick and easy, too.

1. It’s Not So Hard: Just Smile

smileThis curvy little line has the power to change the world, let alone you. When you smile, it’s not only you who feels good from within, but it also brightens up the day of the person you smile at. A smile can help you give a lot of signals to the person you are interested in. There is a smile to show true love, and there’s another one to reveal your sexual passion.

Some studies have revealed that men are fonder of women who smile or grin more than often; whereas, women tend to look at a man’s smile, as an auxiliary gesture. Women tend to smile more when they are younger, because they are on high energy levels.

Men, on the contrary, do not smile so much during their adulthood phase and you can blame the hormone, testosterone, for the same. So, go on ladies: make sure you are always smiling.

2. How to Be Sexually Attractive to Your Man: Be Confident and Show It, Too

Being good-looking alone will not help you earn dates; being confident will. Men look for dates who are more upbeat. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • Self-Assuredness: In most cases, confident people can sell anything; simply with the power of their words.
  • Sincerity: They appear to be more trustworthy and credible.
  • Assertiveness: When you have that certain level of self-confidence, you are likely to make the first move, talk smart, flirt a little, and play with your words to finally sexually attract him by showing you are interested.

A smart and confident woman is likely to attract men more easily than an unconfident and unsure woman, as research reveals. If you are a woman with low confidence, your body language is bound to show that. And trust the fact that men would not prefer to go on a date with someone like that.

To be more confident, just be more focused. Do what your heart wants; follow your passion. Work on your weaknesses. Go for personality development classes or other workshops. Be balanced. Before thinking of attracting someone else, work on yourself first and start loving yourself.

3. Why You Need to Be a Little Mysterious

mysteriousThis is what you have to be: mysterious. This is how to be sexually attractive to a woman or a man. Play with their minds. Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t Reveal too Much About Yourself. Don’t brag about yourself ever. If it’s about you, talk only basic things initially. Let them imagine or guess the rest. Talk about other interesting things.
  • Think Before You Speak. You do not want to regret later about what you have said.
  • Let Your Face Do The Speaking For You. Talk with your expressions and tease them while doing that.
  • End Conversations Unnaturally. Suspend your conversation with a “maybe” or a “probably,” and keep them guessing. They will eagerly wait for the next meeting and die to talk to you the coming time.
  • Make Them Want More of You. If you have already sensed that your date is getting more interested in you; just leave. You are done for the day. Rest assured they will call you for the next “date”.

4. The Power of Perfect Posture: Reasons to Stand Up and Walk Straight

Did you know that your posture, when you stand, gives a sign to men about your vitality, authority and sexuality? When your head is held high, and you walk like a “person in charge,” that means something to men. He will see you as a winner.

It is worth noting that 50 percent of men in personal dating sites have mentioned that they would prefer women who were independent and smart. And for women, they prefer men with height and impressive aura.

Standing tall shows how positive you are, you take pride in yourself, shows your masculinity, and is a great “turn-on” for girls, too. Now, you know how to be sexually attractive to a woman. It’s the same for women. Slouching girls are a big no-no. Stand straight and walk straight always.

5. Maintain Good Health and Put Some Effort into Staying in Shape

modelsNope, women are not looking for body builders, even though some may love them. Ladies mostly look for men with an athletic body. Some men prefer “models,” whereas some look for the chubby-and-cute girls. However, a fit body is vital in both the cases.

A body that is in shape shows how disciplined you are. When a woman is fit, she gives a hint of how sensual she can be on bed. So hit the gym and lose the extra kilos. A good body is sure to make you earn brownie points, and be sexually appealing to the opposite sex.

You should be focused and you must eat properly. You can go for regular jogging, running, gym-ing, yoga, or do simple exercises at home by looking up the internet, to get that perfect shape.

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6. Try To Look Your Best Always: Be Presentable

When you look presentable, you are automatically more attractive than the rest. There are a number of things that you should take care of if you want to make heads turn towards you. Here are the areas you need to focus on to know how to be sexually attractive:

  • Teeth: Brush your teeth twice a day and always have fresh breath.
  • Hair: Keep your mane healthy and proper when you tie your hair up.
  • Face: Wash your face at least twice daily. Make sure you remove all makeup before you go to sleep. Keep your skin clean to make it appear glowing.
  • Skin: Wear makeup that suits your skin tone. Don’t wear loud make up without any reason.
  • Body: Have a fit and toned body.
  • Style: Wear the clothes that suit you and your body type the best. Wear ironed and fresh clothes always. Be comfortable; even if you are wearing a dress that could be sexually appealing.
  • Sleep: Try and have a good night’s sleep every day.

7. Smell Gorgeous to Attract the Opposite Sex

perfumeYou must have seen advertisements where men attract girls sexually, just by using a perfume or deodorant. But, is that practically possible? Yes. If you smell good, your chances of impressing someone are higher.

Avoid using cheap deodorants whose fragrance don’t last for long. Invest in quality and high end perfumes, and do not try to ward away your natural scent totally, because studies have shown that there are certain odors that can sexually attract the opposite sex.

8. Get Yourself a Sexy Haircut

Your hair may make or break your image completely. That’s the case when you are trying to attract someone sexually, too. Go visit a good salon and get a sexy haircut. The pixie cut amongst women is the new trend that most boys drool over; however, you should get a cut that suits your face type.

Experts don’t suggest women to have short or a boy cut hair because that represents masculinity that may not be too appealing to men. Men, on the other hand, can try out a variety of hairstyles and can even keep their hair long if they wish to. It’s sexy provided it suits your face type.

Women are often prone to more hair loss, and therefore it’s vital to keep your hair healthy. You should invest in good hair products and get regular hair spa treatments.

9. For Men: Make a Great First Impression by Making the First Move

sexually attractive manAre you wondering how to be sexually attractive man and impress the opposite sex with your charm? Well, you “must” make the first move.  Until you are sitting there, gazing at her; nothing is going to move ahead.

For this, you must pay attention to her body language, and analyze they how she is acting or reacting. You send out signals through positive body language, for example, smile and then say hi. Start an interesting conversation and talk about their likes and hobbies. Make it an engaging one.

Keep it easy and casual and if you gradually feel the sexual tension is building up around you, ask her for a romantic date or dinner.

10. Talk in a Deep, Low Voice

Did you know that men and women who have attractive voices send out the hint that they had multiple sexual relationships and are flirtier than the rest? Men with heavier voices are downright sexy and seductive. Similarly, women with politeness are seen as sensual and inviting.

Studies have revealed that you can tell your partner about your sexual desires with a lower and deeper voice. Your voice will help you communicate better, and what better than a sexy tone? Adapt it.

11. Have A Proper Body Language

You must be aware of your body language, especially when you are meeting someone for the first time, and even more when it’s your date. Your first impression can either make you “forgettable within seconds” or a “memory to cherish” forever. It is essential to master your body language, so that you are aware of how you are behaving and how you should be behaving in a certain situation.

Meet your date with the assumption that they already like you, to help them like you better. Make as much eye contact with him as possible. Understand what their minds might be going through. If he seems a little tensed or fidgety or they are constantly breaking eye contact; ask them “what’s wrong?” or “what happened?” Build up the rapport. A concerned person is always attractive.

12. How to Be Sexually Attractive to My Husband: Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

sexually attractive to your husbandIs the sexual tension between you two minimizing? Do you want to know how to be sexually attractive to your husband? Read on to know the secret.

Your eyes are the doorway to your heart. If you want to convey some vital unspeakable message to your spouse, nothing but your eyes can do it better. If you really desire something, even if it’s sexual, your eyes will talk about it, even before you are aware of it.

There is nothing sexier than direct eye contact. Moreover your eyes can even reveal your confidence level. So, use them to the best of your potential.

13. Girls: Make “Make-Up” Your Best Friend

Are you thinking how to be sexually attractive to your boyfriend? Make make-up your BFF. Men tend to be fond of sweet lipsticks or flavored lip glosses, which they can lick off while kissing.

You could try wearing fake lashes, as well, because your seemingly bigger eyes are sure to catch his attention. Red nails are seductive and sexually inviting. So, paint yours red, too. Wear light make up whenever you meet him. Never overdo it.

14. Show Some Flirting Skills

You could touch him during a conversation, in order to show you are interested in him. It would be better if you didn’t use some stereotyped or cheesy line; instead, be original to impress the man.

Pick up that red dress to sexually attract or invite him. Try and play hard to get to impress him. It always works when the other one seems equally interested.

15. Build Up Sexual Tension Slowly But Inevitably

affectionate kissPlay with words, work up your hands on him and make your partner last longer in bed by giving him an emotional and physical high. Make sure your partner is sentimentally ready for “it.”

Aim to make your excitement and orgasms last longer and a multiple times. An affectionate kiss that is sexy at the same time could be a passionate way to ignite the heat between both of you. If you are far away from him, send him racy texts and flirty emails.

Tell him what you are thinking and how you cannot wait to be in his arms. Keep the sexual tension alive always.

16. Give Him A Light Massage

A gentle massage in the right places could trigger all buttons to arouse your partner. It is not only rejuvenating, but sexy at the same time.

  • Begin with running your fingers through his hair.
  • Slide down his forehead, and then massage his chest, his nape, his shoulders and his waist.
  • Work down his erotic parts and slide your hands over the head of his penis, and roll the scrotal sac in your palms.
  • Do this for at least 10 minutes and enjoy the good sex thereafter.

17. Stimulate Their Brains to Trigger Their Hearts

If you are thinking how to be sexier for your boyfriend, you must know how to trigger their brains. To keep him interested in you, be sure to be:

  • To impress your dateSensual: For sexually attracting the man of your life, be sensuous with him in bed.
  • Smart: To impress your date, do it with your aptitude.
  • A Good Listener: Master the art of listening. Make it appear you are interested in the conversation.
  • Real: Speak with your heart open and show emotions while doing it. Never fake it. Chances are that the other person will know.
  • Flexible: Go and visit a new place with him.
  • Funny: Use your sense of humor to make him laugh. Be witty. Don’t act stupid.
  • Trustworthy: Go out of your way to earn his trust.

18. Wondering How to Be Sexually Attractive? Be More Submissive

No, you don’t have to give in all the time. Submissive here doesn’t mean you must be the dumber one, or you should listen to and abide by everything your man says. Here, you should be submissive in love. If your man likes to be the leader, let him be, but do state your points where you disagree. Have a truthful relationship where you two trust each other.

Loyalty should never be an issue. Never be afraid to ask for help. Don’t let your self-worth come in between. Make him feel loved and wanted; that’s adorable as well as sexy. Also, never be afraid to admit your mistake and apologies.

Studies show that men are fonder of women who show more comfort with their own femininity. Therefore, it is okay to sometimes let him be in control.

19. Keep Your Options Open

relationshipOkay, it was your first date, and you’re really impressed by him. You are already imagining a real relationship with that person. Well, you don’t know what’s on the other side right? Your date could be seeing other “dates,” too.

So, why should you lag behind? It is all right if a particular person is about to win you over, but don’t zero in on him. Keep your options open, and explore new people until you find the “perfect” one.

20. Don’t Act Immature

Acting immature is a serious turn off. To find out how to be sexually attractive to men, remember what you speak is extremely vital. It is okay to sport a bubbly image, but don’t overdo it. He is looking for a real date, not some kid. Here is what you can do:

  • Behave responsibly and act mature.
  • Don’t get offended easily.
  • Be calm.
  • Have flexibility in your opinions.
  • Don’t cling to materialistic things, and never brag about yourself.

21. Love Your Body, Touch Yourself

Love Your Body

Photo by ellevalentine / CC BY

Did you know that guys love it when you talk about your own body? They get turned on seeing you touch yourself. Girls: they find it immensely seductive.

You could send erotic messages to your boyfriend stating what you are wearing and how you want him to undress you. You could also indulge in self-pleasure to make yourself happy. After all, you should be in love with your body and yourself.

22. Keep Comparisons Aside: Don’t Over Analyze and Reveal your Insecurities

Never reveal your insecurities in the first few meetings. Do not ever compare yourself with anyone. You are one of a kind. Be positive about yourself, and this optimism will be enough to be sexually appealing for the opposite sex.

23. Be Kind: Do Little Things to Make Everyone Feel Respected and Appreciated

A kind and humane person is sexy no matter what. Do little things to make everyone happy. Be gentle and polite, be it to a human being or an animal, and treat everyone with respect.

Your partner is going to notice this and is likely to be won over by you. Kindness is sexually attractive too, you see.

24. Step Out From The Friends’ Zone

love and sexLast, but not least, just step out from the friends’ zone. It’s time to take the relationship to the next level. Be bold, and ask him out and if he declines, just walk away, and move on.

Look for some other hot guy because you deserve all the love and sex. Let your sexually attractive personality work like a magnet on others.

Now that you know how to be sexually attractive, just go ahead and start working on them and your date will just be two steps away to be all yours. Share this article with your friends too.


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